New TV Stuff (2019 edition)

Here it comes, this year’s “New Stuff on TV” post… This time with visual aids… OMG!!! Pretty long and boring stuff, honestly, but I enjoy writing about this stuff, and sharing the fun that’s in here.

We’re now a couple months into fall TV season, and it’s a pretty decent one, this year. I’ve managed to configure Plex to show all the new stuff on my radar for the past couple of months (Chernobyl is an exception, it’s been sitting there  a while). If you take a look at the featured image, you’ll see what’s on my radar, what I’ve watched, and what I’m totally passing on (for now). Don’t bother trying to reach the URL to hack into Plex, it will get you nowhere (I promise). It’s not available outside of my own little world (deliberately).

It’s getting to be that time of the year where things take a bit of a hiatus, so I typically use this to binge through things like crazy. Looking at my playlist, I might have to start that a bit early this year!

All Rise:
This one reminds me a bit of an older series (Judging Amy). It addresses social issues in a way that I disagree with sometimes (often), but that’s OK. We’re allowed to disagree in this country, and we’re allowed to have a personal opinion on things, despite what some may want you to believe.
Personally, I find this show to be decent, and it’s one of the few I’ve kept up with this  year. Will likely keep this one on the radar as long as it doesn’t get terribly judgy (haha)

Almost Family:
Ya know, I should have passed on this one from the start. I have no idea WHY I thought I’d enjoy it, but pass for sure. I’ll keep it around, maybe it’ll get better? It took me a couple episodes to get into SOA, too, but once I did, I was hooked.

I’m really not much on CW shows any more, and this show is why. About halfway through the second episode, and I just keep feeling like this is forced. Not sure if I’ll keep on torturing (??) myself with this one , but it’ll stick around for a while. I’ve got the space, why not?

Bluff City Law:
I LOVE me some Jimmy Smits . Don’t know what it is about that man, but I just love his work. Whether he’s playing an outlaw (SOA) , lawyer (Bluff City Law, Outlaw), or something else, I love the man’s work. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast just don’t seem to be holding their weight. Not 100% sure I’ll keep going with this one, but I make an effort to stay up to date (so far).

Bob Hearts Abishola:
This one was a surprise for me. I saw some early previews and thought ‘meh’,  but am finding out more and more that I just have to keep up with it every week. I find it funny and just lighthearted. Gotta keep this one around, ya hear?

Carol’s Second Act:
The jury’s still out on this one. I haven’t spent a ton of time watching it to know, or not know whether it’s good, so, we’ll get back to that.

Eventually, I’ll get around to this one.

I swear, each and every year, we get one of these. Manifest (oddly enough, the kid played an episode there too), The Event, so many many others that I’ve lost track!
This one, though, caught me. I’m not sure whether it was the interaction with twitter (they send me @messages every week), or the fact that it’s just well done, but so far, this is most definitely a must watch .  It took a couple weeks to get really hooked, but once I was, it was binge time!

Nancy Drew:
Like Carol’s Second Act, I haven’t given this one a ton of time, can’t make an appropriate decision here.

Perfect Harmony:
Bradley Whitford was one of the best things about The West Wing, honestly. I loved his interactions with staff, and he and Donna, well, yeah, duh. I just don’t find his character that good here though. Not sure whether it is writing, or just poor supporting cast. Just not buying it (yet).

The Politician:
About halfway through this one. Not sure if I’ll keep watching, or keep this one around. Just seems dry and dull, for my taste.

Prodigal Son:
Haven’t even started this one. TBH, I’m not sure whether I will, or it’ll just get tossed yet. Kind of waiting to see how Fox plays this out.

The Righteous Gemstones:
A show I really shouldn’t be liking, but DAMN I find it hilarious. Caught up, sadly have to wait a few months for season two. Watched that one religiously!

As much shit as I give her for screwing up the HIMYM ending (ok, she totally didn’t), I find Cobie Smulders to be a decent actress. She was decent in HIMYM, she’s a pretty decent agent for Marvel, but I just have a hard time buying this show. Still only a couple episodes in, so we’ll see if it turns out better than I expect.

A snoozer for me. Still haven’t been able to make it through the first episode, and that’s just not good. Hoping it gets better

The Unicorn:
Walton Goggins is a great actor. Loved him in Justified, Gemstones (see above), Vice Principals, and he’s just great. Still a bit on the fence here, but I do my best to keep up to date on this one. The supporting cast just seems wrong for this.

This one just seems to be a non starter. Every time I try to get involved with the first episode, I end up falling asleep. Not a good start to the series. Will keep trying.

Oof. I wanted to like this one, but it just seems so poorly done that , well, I just can’t make it past episode 2


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