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New Shirt

I don’t shop much (for clothes), in fact, I get the necessities and pretty much wear the rest of my stuff out. So, when I go out and get something new like a shirt or something, well, it’s gotta be something that ‘fits’ me (personality wise, not size wise). That said, enjoy

Nice T-Shirt!
Me and My T-Shirt Rock!

Returning Shortly

Yup, that’s right, I am bringing this site back. Oddly enough, after years of not working with the site, and months of having it taken down for personal reasons, I’m bringing it back, baby!!! Fuck the critics, fuck the naysayers, you shall not tell me what I can or can not say, you shall not dictate to me how to live my life, electronically, or otherwise. Don’t like it? DON’T READ IT!!!

I’ll have things updated a bit more often (hopefully), probably not more than once or twice a month though. Look for first post shortly.