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Steve Jobs – Former Apple CEO passes away – October 5th, 2011

I read the news last night at around 7 my time, and I just can not get my head around it. A visionary has left this world for hopefully a much better place.

Many will remember Steve for his accomplish­ments just with Apple, but let us also not forget his other business achievemen­ts and innovation­s. Without Steve, we never would have seen the likes of Toy Story, Wall-E, or any other Pixar animation, because he was very much behind Pixar. Without Steve , we would have never seen the NeXT computer, as he was behind this as well.

When you look at true innovation­, true genius, Steve Jobs was the embodiment of this. No, he didn’t do everything himself, but he did so very much. We have lost a true pioneer, a true inventor, and a true genius today, perhaps one of the last of a very dying breed.

Wherever you are, Mr. Jobs, I do hope that you find the peace you have spent your lifetime looking for, and that your body is finally at rest. Thank you for a life very well spent, you were a true legend. May you never, ever be forgotten