Windows 11: Getting ready!

Windows 11 is almost here (legitimately, mind you :)), and there’s quite a bit of  “information” out there about it…. So , maybe one should try to get some proper information before attempting to install / upgrade

Misinformation #1:
Microsoft will keep my system insecure, if I choose to willingly violate their install process and attempt to install Windows 11 where I shouldn’t
Microsoft isn’t choosing to do this, you are.  By choosing to install via ‘other’ than recommended methods, you’re putting yourself at risk . This is a pretty big no-no kids, come on! They may disable security updates for individuals who break install protocols, but this isn’t something that should ever be done anyways.  So don’t do it!!!!

Misinformation #2:
Microsoft has forced individuals to buy a new PC to run Windows 11.
While this has some  founding in reality, it’s not really. This same argument is made every time a new OS is released by Microsoft, honestly.
The earliest supported browsers I was able to find were from 2017, which, let’s be honest, it’s been 5 years, you’re probably ready for a new PC anyways . Unless you’re like me, and you build at home 😉

Misinformation #3:
Microsoft tells me that my PC can’t run Windows 11. I should just stick with 10
because Microsoft says your PC cannot run Windows 11 (as it is) doesn’t mean that you should stick with Windows 10.. If you have a processor on their list (AMD / Intel), and your motherboard supports UEFI / TMP 2 / Secure Boot, then you should be able to install Windows 11. Now comes the tricky part though. Get ready!!!

Microsoft’s checks don’t actually tell you why you cannot run Windows 11 right now (as of 3 days ago), just that you cannot. This is a failure on their part. One of the biggest  reasons I’ve found? Lack of proper technology utilization!

  • IF your processor is on the list (see above), then check with your motherboard manufacturer. Make sure you have the latest BIOS setup and installed. This can be tricky to do, so, please follow the instructions very, very carefully
  • IF your motherboard is up to date AND supports TPM 2.0, secure boot and UEFI, then great. Go through BIOS, and check all those settings. For now, if they’re not enabled, do nothing (changing them could cause an unbootable system)
  • IF the above are not enabled, then you’ll have to proceed very, very carefully!!!
    – Startup Windows normally
    Verify TPM 2.0  and UEFI Compatibility
    – If you’re not using a UEFI compatible disk, then check to see if it can be made compatible… WARNING…. This CAN screw up you disk, so please PLEASE proceed with caution.
    – If the device is not UEFI compatible , for whatever reason, you have two options at this point
    – Completely reformat your system and reinstall.  In this case, you’ll want to go through the motherboard options and ensure that all UEFI, Secure Boot and TPM 2 modules are enabled.  Once you get to install, you’ll need to erase and format your disk
    – Buy a new disk and reinstall Windows there, then copy over your stuff. This is the approach I took, as it seemed like less work.
    WHICHEVER of the above two options you take, make sure that your hardware is windows 11 compatible first… In most cases, it will be (if you’re not running an older PC)

Up next:
My first few days with Win 11. So far? I’m loving the experience, but who’s to say it’ll always be that way.  Do keep in mind that my PC is built tough.  ASUS tough, and is just over 1 year old , with hardware to boot, so, your experience MAY not match my own!



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Steve Jobs – Former Apple CEO passes away – October 5th, 2011

I read the news last night at around 7 my time, and I just can not get my head around it. A visionary has left this world for hopefully a much better place.

Many will remember Steve for his accomplish­ments just with Apple, but let us also not forget his other business achievemen­ts and innovation­s. Without Steve, we never would have seen the likes of Toy Story, Wall-E, or any other Pixar animation, because he was very much behind Pixar. Without Steve , we would have never seen the NeXT computer, as he was behind this as well.

When you look at true innovation­, true genius, Steve Jobs was the embodiment of this. No, he didn’t do everything himself, but he did so very much. We have lost a true pioneer, a true inventor, and a true genius today, perhaps one of the last of a very dying breed.

Wherever you are, Mr. Jobs, I do hope that you find the peace you have spent your lifetime looking for, and that your body is finally at rest. Thank you for a life very well spent, you were a true legend. May you never, ever be forgotten