PS4 vs Xbox One – Round One – Introduction

After months of telling myself I’d never get a PS4, my only console this generation this time around would be a One, I finally caved last week and picked up the PS4, along with a few games.  Why? Boredom, excess cash, intrigue, I really, really don’t know what to call it. So, over the next few days (maybe weeks), I’ll take some time and write a real review, from a gamer’s perspective between the two.

Don’t take my hesitance to buy a PS4 as me being an XBox fanboy, merely, me not seeing anything enticing about the PS4. After purchasing it? Still, not so much, however it’s got a few bonuses to it, as does the XB1. They are both geared towards their fans, and this shows.

Both consoles were released holiday season 2013. I picked up my XB1 around February 2014 and have been using it somewhat frequently. The PS4, I picked up over the weekend and have been using it non stop, due to the # of games and goodies picked up (Batman: Arkham is rather intense and good :)).

Last generation, I had both the 360 and ps3… In fact due to certain robberies, I picked both up twice, though the PS3 took a good bit longer to replace for numerous reasons. This left me with a larger collection of 360 games. Hell , I even picked up the WII last generation, a mistake I will really never make again. Talk about a device made strictly for children……

Anyways, on to the review. Up first? The controller. Look for it in a day or two

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