PS4 vs xBox One – Round 3 – Storage

Like the controller, storage is another key part to a console. Especially in today’s massive gaming world, it is incredibly important to be able to easily upgrade your system, make those upgrades portable (should you decide to take them with you somewhere) and have enough storage for your own needs. Playstation? Microsoft? Who wins this fight? Click through for the review

You can upgrade your hard drive to a 2TB drive
You must ‘mod’ your console to get a new drive put in
You can use USB flash drives. However, like previous generations, you may not use saves on them, or play games from them
note: You can actually upgrade to 2x2TB following mods and instructions, but this is not recommended, nor is it going to be supported by Sony

You can NOT upgrade your internal hard disk
You CAN add any external USB drive you want, no limitations on size
No ‘modding’ necessary

Winner: Microsoft (2/0)
Microsoft clearly has the advantage here. While Sony allows you to modify your system, you actually have to ‘mod’ the system to get this done… Backup your saves, backup everything you have on the system, and then add in the replacement drive, re-add the data, etc… I can only imagine how painful this is. Thankfully, I started out with a 2tb drive (purchased that with the system).

Microsoft, on the other hand is so simple, a child could do it. Buy a USB3 drive (any size will do), plug in power, plug in USB3 and you’re good to go. Really, what more could you want? No moves needed, no system initialization… Plug and play.  Performance wise, I’ve yet to see any issues on my external disk.

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