Election 2016… Should I vote?

2016 is  a rather unique election year. The cage matches (debates) are over, each party is declaring that they won (what else is new), and, as typical, the cage matches (debates) really didn’t solve a damn thing, nor did they make us more aware of the real stances by the politicians at hand here. The true losers of this year’s election cycle are, for real, we, the people. That’s for a completely separate post, however, and should I make it, you’ll see that here as well… This post, however, merely serves to answer the question

should I vote

Each person will have their own answer to this, and each person’s answer will be unique to them. If you don’t agree with my answers, fine. However, keep it civil. There are plenty of ways to carry on civil conversation without trying to tear people apart. I realize that social media has made it more acceptable to attack, troll and otherwise diminish someone else’s thoughts and opinions, but that doesn’t fly here.

When considering the question at hand, it is necessary to actually do a bit of research, and thought. Nobody’s trying to take away your right to vote, but as with every right, some people just don’t deserve these, and shouldn’t execute them… Everyone has a ‘right’ to bear arms (until certain individuals get their way), but not everyone should.  See the point here?  Ask yourself a few questions before you go out there.. This will help you determine, not only if you should vote, but who you should be voting for, clearly.

#1: Have you done your research?
I’m not referring to listening to what the MSM (CNN/Fox/NBC/ABC/CBS) are telling you. I’m talking about deep down, honest research. If you believe for one second that the MSM is unbiased…. Then you should not vote.. These people spread more lies (on both sides) and have clear and utter bias.

I’m not even talking about listening to what Facebook/Twitter/Your Friends say.  If that’s your only form of ‘research’, then you should not vote.

What do I mean by this? I mean, true, honest research.  Use Google, use Bing… Research your candidates. Research EVERYTHING . See what your candidate has said, what your candidate has stood for, what your candidate has done. What accomplishments have they made in their career? What has their record been historically ? What have THEY done that makes them qualified for the job they’re applying for?

Don’t go based on just what the ‘other guy’ has said , or done… Research all candidates. Research what they’ve said. Use common damn sense (I know, it’s hard to find it) to figure out what your candidate (and their opponent) has said, done, etc.

Don’t go based on what ‘insertcelebrityhere’ says. These people are uneducated sponsors of certain individuals. They’re actors, advertisers. Do quality research

IF you haven’t done your research (this should take a good bit of time, say, 30 minutes, per candidate), then you should not vote. If you have then you should vote.

#2: Are you frustrated with the process?
If you’re frustrated with the voting process, then yes, absolutely, you should vote. The only way to make your voice heard is to get out there, support the candidate that you felt does the job best , based on your research in step 1.

#3: Are you loyal to [insertpartyhere]?
If you’re loyal to [insertpartyhere] and have vowed to vote for only this party, or it’s members, then by all means, you should not vote. You are the problem with politics in this country, not the solution. George Washington himself thought (correctly) that the formation of these parties would lead to one dominating the other, and obstructionism. Here we are, proving Washington right, so many decades later.

There are qualified candidates on both sides of the aisle, in and out of your party. I encourage you to do  full and thorough research. You will find quite the balance by doing so.

In the end, as I mentioned… This is going to be personal. A decision made by you and only you. I’ve put off my own research, but will get to it in the next days and mail in my ballot (that’s the preferred choice of many) . I don’t care who you vote for (ok, I do, but that’s not what this is about)… I merely care that IF you vote , you do your qualified research on all candidates. We don’t need uneducated, clueless, braindead individuals voting for someone simply because someone told them to, or because they thought it was ‘cool’ to do so.

With great power, comes great responsibility. Use your responsibility wisely. Yes, you… YOUR vote matters. Don’t throw it away, don’t waste it… USE IT!

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