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Bullying, or criticism? Apparently one and the same

Ok, I’ve sat by the past few hours and just said pretty much nothing about this, but , well here goes. I’m sure this will draw some snarky comments. I’m sure it’ll get attacked like most of my pieces do, but shit happens. Unfortunately, the way things are going here is just ridiculous, and if something doesn’t change, well, this is just going to end badly for a LOT of people.

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Are we better off now than we were 4 years ago?

This question, posed at the RNC has received a plethora of responses from a wide variety of individuals, but, are they looking at the big picture here, or just the data that suits them? Are people considering the entire country, or, just being selfish and looking at themselves? The point of the question was to get individuals to consider the reality (and yes, it is a reality) that we are still in a freefall, and, we never actually left. Better? Worse? Well, let’s take a look at a few things, and figure it out, shall we? Continue reading

Why can’t we all just get along?

Something that’s been bugging the hell out of me the past few months. It seems that it’s now ok to attack someone if you don’t agree with their opinion, or it’s ok to attack someone if you see them as a threat, or a different race, or whatever. Hell, it’s ok to attack someone if you don’t agree with who they voted for ? Why, oh why, can’t we all just get along? And WHERE the hell are we going to end up 10-15 years down the road unless we gain some sort of civility as a human race? Someone, do tell…

Steve Jobs – Former Apple CEO passes away – October 5th, 2011

I read the news last night at around 7 my time, and I just can not get my head around it. A visionary has left this world for hopefully a much better place.

Many will remember Steve for his accomplish­ments just with Apple, but let us also not forget his other business achievemen­ts and innovation­s. Without Steve, we never would have seen the likes of Toy Story, Wall-E, or any other Pixar animation, because he was very much behind Pixar. Without Steve , we would have never seen the NeXT computer, as he was behind this as well.

When you look at true innovation­, true genius, Steve Jobs was the embodiment of this. No, he didn’t do everything himself, but he did so very much. We have lost a true pioneer, a true inventor, and a true genius today, perhaps one of the last of a very dying breed.

Wherever you are, Mr. Jobs, I do hope that you find the peace you have spent your lifetime looking for, and that your body is finally at rest. Thank you for a life very well spent, you were a true legend. May you never, ever be forgotten