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‘I am sickened’

I’m seeing quite a few ‘I am sickened’ posts, quite a few ‘I’m afraid’ posts over the last few hours, and honestly, I know precisely how you feel. NOT because I agree with the sentiment about this country, because I care quite deeply for this country, and, honestly, have said this for years now.

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Election 2016… Should I vote?

2016 is  a rather unique election year. The cage matches (debates) are over, each party is declaring that they won (what else is new), and, as typical, the cage matches (debates) really didn’t solve a damn thing, nor did they make us more aware of the real stances by the politicians at hand here. The true losers of this year’s election cycle are, for real, we, the people. That’s for a completely separate post, however, and should I make it, you’ll see that here as well… This post, however, merely serves to answer the question

should I vote

Each person will have their own answer to this, and each person’s answer will be unique to them. If you don’t agree with my answers, fine. However, keep it civil. There are plenty of ways to carry on civil conversation without trying to tear people apart. I realize that social media has made it more acceptable to attack, troll and otherwise diminish someone else’s thoughts and opinions, but that doesn’t fly here.

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Are we better off now than we were 4 years ago?

This question, posed at the RNC has received a plethora of responses from a wide variety of individuals, but, are they looking at the big picture here, or just the data that suits them? Are people considering the entire country, or, just being selfish and looking at themselves? The point of the question was to get individuals to consider the reality (and yes, it is a reality) that we are still in a freefall, and, we never actually left. Better? Worse? Well, let’s take a look at a few things, and figure it out, shall we? Continue reading

Does the U.S. really need a bigger ‘credit card’?

What would you do if you suddenly lost your job, could barely scrape by with paying your mortgage and minimal food supplies? Would you continue to sink yourself deeper and deeper into debt, or would you look at the situation in a proper, responsible manner, cutting out all excess spending until such time as things were in the clear again? Of course, MOST people would say

Hey, I’m going to stop spending

which is why MOST people would have no problem getting out of debt as soon as possible. Unfortunately, with government agencies, it’s just the opposite. They rant and rave about how they need ‘more credit’, yet refuse to actually cut spending. Why? Well, it’s ok, of course, to rant and rave, but when you actually have to DO something, that’s an entirely different thing. Let’s take a look at some numbers here:
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